SHE HAD ONLY 30 KG: See how she looks like today!

HANNAH KOESTLER from Great Britain almost died from anorexia. At one point, the weight of this 22-year-old fell to only 30 kg, and she is now on social networks share her photos from that period for encouraging the others who are struggling with this problem to seek help.

In the photos you can see the days when it was connected to a feeding tube, or days when the doctors said that she had left a few days of life. Hannah claims that she wanted to show how actually looks life with this disease.

“These photos show my journey, and I should not be ashamed of the truth. Anorexia is a vicious disease that is destroying the body and the mind, I hope that these photos deter people from it to develop an eating disorder and inspire those that the disease has already affected to seek help”, she said.

She added that while watching the old photographs bring back memories, but had never been happier than now.

She was diagnosed with Anorexia in 2011, her parents wanted to help, and she even bite her mother when she was forced to eat something that she didn’t want.