After the bride he came with a trailer truck, and picked up a penalty in front of the church!

Goran and Sanja Žiroš from Osijek at the port of marriage sailed in a really big and in-ordinary way. Specifically, it could be said that they drove into…

They drove to the church not in limousines and luxury cars, but in trailer trucks.

“I drive a truck for years and I decided a long time ago: When I get married one day, I will get my wife with a truck’, of course, if he consents to it”, tells the 27 year old Goran.

Therefore, on Saturday he organized a truck parade to come for his chosen bride to be, but in everything helped him his boss.

“I do not have my own trailer truck and my boss borrowed me the company’s trucks. One was at the bride’s home, and one at my house. We went to church each in his truck, and from the church continued in one”, he says.